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Hazel - Girl Spy
Hazel - Girl Spy

Friday, 10 December 2010

Christmas Hiatus

I decided, unanimously, to put card-making on hold from now till the New Year because I have been making Christmas cards just for the doing of it (and the joy, it has to be said) and I need to get ready for Yule. I also have to organise my mothers schedule because she forgets so much. Mr H worries that this worries me and tries to say that I should not feel responsible but you can't teach an old dog new tricks and I will never stop feeling responsible for the happinessof my family. However, I draw the line at insisting - she needs to write her Christmas cards and I offered my assistance but she said no, that she would do them at the weekend. She will forget so I will have to keep 'nagging'; same with gifts. Part of me just wants to do it all for her but that's wrong and besides, out of my financial reach at this time of the year.

Whoops, this is developing into a 'pity party' and I don't do well with parties.

I'll post though it is a distraction which allows me to spend lots of time away from chores so I might not do so much - hahaha!

Have a great weekend, cheerio, Hazel x

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  1. I will see you in the new year then - Have a wonderful christmas, and you see in the new year in style. I've still got some cards to make, but I have no idea when I will get the chance.
    Take care and stay warm

    Kimmi x