Hazel - Girl Spy

Hazel - Girl Spy
Hazel - Girl Spy

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Keeping Warm

It's all about the weather. Stayed in and pottered about yesterday and made a couple of cards.

This is my card for the digi challenge on do-crafts. The brief was to have an image of an animal of person wearing an item of clothing, coloured up with a medium that is not your usual one. I used watercolour pencils from Tesco and was frustrated that I couldn't get the medium to do what I wanted. Inclusion of one ribbon, three gems, circles and stars was required. The digi stamp is Bronson and Beaker from Pollycrafts. Circles are on the Dovecrafts backing paper and I added three wee green star gems in the top right corner.

The second of the Mo Manning Irma and Vieno stamps. I was trying the technique of threading ribbon through card without the aid of a punch - too easy; I like to try before investing in things. Mr H likes this card more than the next one because it's more Christmassy.

Shades of blue on this card and more handmade flowers. It's so relaxing making flowers and these look 'wintery'. The sentiment is from a free digi set by Lisa.

Mr H's birthday card. I could have done a winter image but I know he dreams of sun and sea and relaxing and this freebie Hambos stamp just seemed a natural choice.

Mr H has just informed me, in passing, that he awoke this morning in a depressed state of mind - I think he wishes too hard for the return of the sun. He loves the sun and sitting out in it and tans when the sky is overcast! I have to use Factor 50 and burn anyway, so tend to remain in the shade. I like the sunshine but as a view rather than to live full time in.

So we are back to weather; raining and cold in St Helens which will make it easier to venture out.

Cheerio for today, Hazel x

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  1. Stunning work Hazel.

    Sorry post is short, still the eye issues !

    B x