Hazel - Girl Spy

Hazel - Girl Spy
Hazel - Girl Spy

Friday, 11 March 2011

Getting Straightened Out at Last!

Well, I have now got a new laptop and with a bit of chivvying, I got my recovered files from the other laptop. My digital stamps and my photos are saved so its a relief all round. Mind you it's an expense I could have done without what with the weddings. I need to get an outfit for New York as well, pdq.

While I have been without technology I have made a few cards; ostensibly for challenges which have now finished I expect but I can still let you have a look.

Penny Black Challenge on Docrafts

I just managed to post this by the skin of my teeth; we were asked to use orange and brown as the featured colours for this challenge.

This card uses my PomPom stamp and we were asked to be as girly as possible; I think I tried my best. I love the pink daises as an alternative to roses; I got them at 'The Works'.

More tomorrow maybe. I will also try to get round all my favourite blogs and leave comments. It was something I really missed. I didn't miss the weekly treat with Mum at Fir Tree Farm and John had a rather gorgeous pud in store. Pancakes, filled with stewed apple and rhubarb, drizzled with warm honey and served with a scoop of ginger ice cream. Just a lovely treat ( I only had a baked spud & salad!) and even with the beginnings of a cold,  it tasted delish! I had to pick up my dead laptop and the disc of files and then I went to Caroles Crafts for my Creative Cardmaking mag. I only realised after I had left that it wasn't the monthly mag that I had bought (it was due out today!) but a 'special' edition. Looks like I will have to go back........ never mind, eh, lol.

Anyway, I'm off to find something to eat, I've been so busy setting up the computer I didn't realise the time and there was no Mr H to remind me! Cheerio for now,

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Just an update!

Goodness but it has felt strange not being in a position to do my blog. Mr H has an ancient laptop which he unearthed for me and which crashed after 20 mins because I apparently uploaded a virus onto an unprotected computer. Well I don't know how it happened but as usual I am to blame - just call me Johnah! I did have some good news because I won some candy and Teresa very kindly let me know and got me the email address. It cheered me up! Still no word from the computer doc about my files and am I nervous- you bet! Thank you so much for your lovely supportive comments - all but that first one, how on earth does that get onto my blog? My eyes are swimming in and out of focus so I am going to have to stop this, take car and cheerio for now, Hazel xx