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Hazel - Girl Spy
Hazel - Girl Spy

Friday, 10 December 2010

Christmas Hiatus

I decided, unanimously, to put card-making on hold from now till the New Year because I have been making Christmas cards just for the doing of it (and the joy, it has to be said) and I need to get ready for Yule. I also have to organise my mothers schedule because she forgets so much. Mr H worries that this worries me and tries to say that I should not feel responsible but you can't teach an old dog new tricks and I will never stop feeling responsible for the happinessof my family. However, I draw the line at insisting - she needs to write her Christmas cards and I offered my assistance but she said no, that she would do them at the weekend. She will forget so I will have to keep 'nagging'; same with gifts. Part of me just wants to do it all for her but that's wrong and besides, out of my financial reach at this time of the year.

Whoops, this is developing into a 'pity party' and I don't do well with parties.

I'll post though it is a distraction which allows me to spend lots of time away from chores so I might not do so much - hahaha!

Have a great weekend, cheerio, Hazel x

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Keeping Warm

It's all about the weather. Stayed in and pottered about yesterday and made a couple of cards.

This is my card for the digi challenge on do-crafts. The brief was to have an image of an animal of person wearing an item of clothing, coloured up with a medium that is not your usual one. I used watercolour pencils from Tesco and was frustrated that I couldn't get the medium to do what I wanted. Inclusion of one ribbon, three gems, circles and stars was required. The digi stamp is Bronson and Beaker from Pollycrafts. Circles are on the Dovecrafts backing paper and I added three wee green star gems in the top right corner.

The second of the Mo Manning Irma and Vieno stamps. I was trying the technique of threading ribbon through card without the aid of a punch - too easy; I like to try before investing in things. Mr H likes this card more than the next one because it's more Christmassy.

Shades of blue on this card and more handmade flowers. It's so relaxing making flowers and these look 'wintery'. The sentiment is from a free digi set by Lisa.

Mr H's birthday card. I could have done a winter image but I know he dreams of sun and sea and relaxing and this freebie Hambos stamp just seemed a natural choice.

Mr H has just informed me, in passing, that he awoke this morning in a depressed state of mind - I think he wishes too hard for the return of the sun. He loves the sun and sitting out in it and tans when the sky is overcast! I have to use Factor 50 and burn anyway, so tend to remain in the shade. I like the sunshine but as a view rather than to live full time in.

So we are back to weather; raining and cold in St Helens which will make it easier to venture out.

Cheerio for today, Hazel x

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Back to craftland, just!

The previous blog was a bit 'down' for which I apologise but maybe it was not the best idea to try to come up with thoughts when I'd been to a funeral. Couldn't even be bothered to root through my stash for inspiration! Curled up under my throw with the new 'Oor Wullie' annual and nodded off; well, it was very cold and I needed to get warm.

Two days later and it is still very cold; no snow but the roads and pavements are doubling up as ice-rinks. The poor postie has been slipping and sliding all over the show! I stayed in yesterday and joined in some challenges on the Docrafts site. However the first image is of a carton I made on Sunday for a bag of handmade chocolates.

Crafted this from left over card strips and Papermania 12" double sided Christmas Pack paper and some digi stamp poinsettias from Becky Muir which I  resized and decoupaged, front and back.

The card which follows is Lisa's ( http://onehappylittlecrafter.blogspot.com)  Docraft challenge for a Tilda image where there is a restriction to use mainly white and to include some pearl element.

You must know I love my Promarkers, and my collection increases one by one very slowly, so this was a challenge indeed. For Christmas Morning Tilda I used pastel blue, yellow, caramel and tan Promarkers for the socks, candle and hair respectively. She is raised off the swirly panel , which is embossed using the Craft Concepts Cottage Floral folder, on foam pads. This is matted onto a pearlised panel punched with my Martha Stewart punch duo. I made the flowers and white holly leaves and used pearls in the flower centres and some white organza ribbon to add interest. The top ribbon and bow, the card candy (JGD crafts) and the wee star buttons (Trimcraft) are pale blue but add a bit of interest as well and are allowed. Can you tell that I made a note of what I'd used? What a clever clogs, lol.

Today I am finishing off another challenge card; it's the digi challenge, which I love but the challenge is not to use your usual colouring medium in colouring the digi. Yikes, my promarkers will be striking! I used a set of watercolour pencils from Tesco and I am not too unhappy with the result but it's not a sharp result. You can judge for yourselves tomorrow.

I bought another Irma and Vieno digi from Mo Manning while in the process of buying a gift voucher for the lucky winner of the digi challenge I hosted on Docrafts. I hope to have them completed in time for tomorrow but it's likely I will face lots of distractions! I think I have picked up a bug as I have a constant feeling of nausea and a sharp headache and dreadful wind (hem hem) - it's nothing much but very inconvenient; I'm not going out to the accompaniment of my own trumpet section!!!

Yes folks, we have reached the lowest point when I resort to 'toilet' humour, so I will wish you all a good day and cheerio for now!

Hazel x

Monday, 6 December 2010

No new cards; too busy writing and sending the ones I've already made. Trouble is when you make your own cards they tend to be thick and will not go through the slot at the Post Office so it cost me a small fortune to send all my babies out! I'll know to cut down on the embellies for next year!

Had a great time on Saturday helping Niven to make his Christmas cards. He's a wee star and talks nineteen to the dozen. I could have kicked myself that I never took my camera to capture his creations but its my age!

Very sad day today going to Frank's funeral. There was and still is a densely freezing fog hanging over the town and the pavements and roads are like sheets of ice but we got to the crematorium without too much trouble. My nephew has turned into a man; he'd come from Uni sporting a moustache and had a haircut and was wearing a suit (!) to honour his grandad. He seems to have sprouted overnight and reminded me so much of my own dad that the tears just spilled over. His two grandads liked to go to the Legion for a drink together back in the day and he was a credit to both of them today.

I think thats all for now, cheerio, Hazel x