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Hazel - Girl Spy
Hazel - Girl Spy

Saturday, 4 December 2010

'Internet Connection has expired'

Thats all I kept getting when I tried to log on to blogland yesterday, 'connection expired'. Maybe because the blog was not the first thing on my list. I logged in after 10pm because I had been writing all our Christmas cards - there is something wrong with the division of labour between Mr H and me; I get to make the cards and write them...doh! I digress, I looked at my emails first and was very shocked to find that I had been chosen on a Blog Candy at Meyer-Imports and had won the magnificent gift of fine German glitter glass, all because I had said in the comments how I felt. At that moment I felt humble, which is an odd thing I know but a total stranger had liked what I said enough to 'reward' me for it.

Enough intensity; Mum and I did make it to Fir Tree yesterday and had a great meal although it was very cold in the converted barn. Mum had to have two glasses of mulled wine as fortification- muggins here was driving so drank tea instead!The whole surrounding countryside looked bleakly beautiful with snow and frost on the trees and mist at low level and we saw pheasants gleaning for spilled grain in the fields and the largest flock of crows I've ever seen doing the same. Isn't the collective noun for crows 'a murder'? It was a proper spectacle and I had to stop the car and watch awhile.

Only wrote cards yesterday but have two from the day before. One for my Mum and one for Morag and I had to make boxes for them because I've been making loads of flowers which stand too proud to go in an envelope.
I used the Irma and Vieno image again and some ready cut die cuts fom JGD crafts and the flowers I made myself. I'm going to try all colour combos with this Mo Manning stamp because its so cheerful.

This little cutie is called Innocent and is a free digi stamp from somewhere I did not make a note of - okay, it was the early days, now I make a note! If you know the artist who created Innocent, please let me know. I won't bore you with all the details of the card but I loved making it with freebie papers from Creative Cardmaking.

It has taken me ages to finish this blog as my daughter has rung me twice from Luton Airport because her flight to Dublin scheduled for 6.30 am has been delayed. Not, apparently because of the weather but because their plane is stuck in Spain. She doesn't know what to do and her fiance thinks she's nuts hanging around and should go home so she phoned her auld Mum for some comfort.

This afternoon I will be making some cards with my great-nephew Niven so there will be glitter and glue all over the place (me, not him, lol)

Cheerio for now, Hazel x


  1. Hi Hazel, this internet thing can be hit or miss - mine keeps freezing up and I have to close down and boot up again - such a pain! I've tried all sorts to iron out the problems but with very little success. Ah well, such is cyber life! Congrats on your candy win and judging by your poetic description of your journey to and from Fir Tree yesterday I can quite see why :) Love the cards, love Mo Manning's digis too and the wee freebie is cute. Who are JGD Crafts - like the idea of ready cut die cuts? Gotta go - it's my granddaughters 18th birthday today so got to take the pressie over. Elizabeth x

  2. Hazel, Contragts again for winning the Glitter set. Best of the holidays to you and your family! John

  3. Hi Hazel

    A realy quick catch up visit to say hello, still only able to do short bursts on the computer, but don't want you thinking I've forgotten you.

    B x