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Hazel - Girl Spy
Hazel - Girl Spy

Thursday, 28 October 2010


All Hallows Eve is nearly upon us and I have bought a big tub of Haribo's and am hoping I get no takers! Growing up in Scotland meant that we celebrated Halloween with kids parties; dooking for apples and nuts, trying to get a bite out of a dangling, dripping treacle scone and being blindfolded and having your fingers touch eyeballs (peeled grapes) and guts (cold, cooked, spaghetti). There were even cakes in the shops with marshmallow noses covered in icing. We went guising round the neighbours houses carrying turnip lanterns; no softy pumpkins in them days, we scooped out a big turnip, which was painful for wee hands, (swede, to the Sassenachs) and cut scary face out the front and threaded string through it and the lid which had a hole for a chimney. Night lights lit it up and all night there would be the comforting smell of burning turnip as you went from house to house, manhandling giddy sisters.
"A penny for the guisers, the guisers, the guisers, a penny for the guisers and we'll sing you a bonnie wee song"
There was no trick but treats, for us, sweeties or nuts or even a penny after you performed - "Tonight is the night of Hallowe'en when all the witches are to be seen, some in red and some in green and some dressed like a Turkey Queen!" We capered like wee monkeys and it was innocent fun.
Once we moved to England, there was no celebrating - Mum would throw the odd party but most of our new pals were bemused by the ritual. We were definately not allowed to go guising, in case the neighbours thought we were begging! I have thrown Hallowe'en parties for my own children and we dress up even now on occasion and send cards or favours. I dislike the American intensity about Hallowe'en and how it has crept into our nations conciousness with no fun attached and just retail revenue. I don't mind the wee kids coming to the door but the bigger ones are more menacing when they demand money with "Trick or Treat" - they don't make the effort to entertain like we did.
These are the cards I made this year from digital stamps - I don't know if they now mass market cards for the occasion but I wouldn't buy one in any case.

The batcat and Patrick in the pumkin patch are from Mo's Digital Two and Ginger is from Pollycraft,Witch Hazel( my name for her - original, eh?) was a freebie but I can't remember from where and I got the pumpkin way back in September and can't remember from where. If anyone knows, please let me know and I can acknowledge properly. All coloured with promarkers and I just love the autumn colours. October nights;  the smell of cold and damp leaves, gunpowder and burnt turnip. Nostalgia is grand and I'm glad that my thoughts turned this way 'cos I nearly forgot to send the cards - I made them weeks ago and put them away. They are all addressed and stamped ready to go. See, I have a vivid memory of the past and nearly forget the present.

My flamin' cold lingers on but my hubby ran my errands yesterday and made my tea so I was indeed a successful blagger. My ma is back from Lanzarote and hopefully we can go out for lunch if she feels like it and doesn't mind a snottery daughter. We go to a lovely place but this blog is going on a bit so I'll leave off now and go and make one of Sally Atkins' lanterns.

Make yourselves wonderful, love Hazel x

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  1. Brilliant halloween cards. I must give you some links for challenge blogs where you can enter them! Have a look in my side bar for challenges, they are organised in the dates they are posted.

    Have fun!

    Kimmi x