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Hazel - Girl Spy
Hazel - Girl Spy

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Feeling Flumpy

I am full to the brim with a cold (thanks to my hubby for sharing - damn you, wedding vows!) However, I did have a nice surprise when I started up my computer; I had won a gift from Brenda at the Stamping-fantasies blog. I've just been blogging for a few days too so I count myself very lucky indeed. Well they say that fools and idiots are touched by luck! I have added a link for Novembers candy at the site so if you drop by, enter, it can happen for you too. If that implies that you are fools then it wasn't meant to -I am editing this blod!

I am uploading two card I made for Christmas.

I used my Sizzix Texture Boutique, a bit of sticky and a bit of red glittery fabric and I'm ridiculously pleased with the result. I have entered it in this weeks Clares Challenge on the Docrafts site but I am hopeless at photography, especially anything shiny and the card really does look better in real life.

New ways to fold cards really float my boat and I am always trying new folds when I see them. This one, and the free papers come courtesy of the latest edition of Creative Card making. I love this mag and not only for the papers but because it shows you 'how to' and uses a selection of different crafting products.

Although this is not a blog for advertisments or endorsements I would like to say a bit about Hobbycrafts. Me and my sister Morag went there on Tuesday (Warrington branch) and Morag, who had never been before, was enthralled by the number of hobbies covered and the sheer amount of stuff. I bought some bits, mainly from the clearance lines admittedly, but they have missed a trick. Who goes to craft shops mostly - women and mostly women who have had children or are more mature? What do those women need - toilets! For two mature women with bladder related weakness me and Morag exited the shop doing the 'needing a wee desperately' dance. And before you even think it, we had gone before we left the house - Chrissie Murchison trained her girls well - but we went on a prolonged mooch in a huge shop, what can you expect but the bladder fairy comes a-tapping. So come on Hobbycraft, provide some relief for us gals! I can't afford to buy a pizza  every time just 'cos I need the toilet. (it was either the Hut or the Colonel & I'd had chicken for tea the night before))

Rant over and I am away to nurse my cold and persuade Typhoid Mary (hubby) that I am too sick to go down town with him so he'll have to collect my prescription, post a parcel to Fairysue and do the shopping on his lonesome. I'll be so weak by the end of that he might even have to cook tea!

Have a fun day, love  Hazel x


  1. Oh dear! Sorry to hear your feeling poorly. Hope you feel better soon.

    Great cards. love the layouts/designs.

    Kimmi xx

  2. Lovely cards - l don't think twice anymore about popping in for a toilet stop at many places as l have seen so many people do it - just walk out faster than you walk in lol x Susan x