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Hazel - Girl Spy
Hazel - Girl Spy

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

A nice surprise!

On Christmas Eve I had a lovely surprise as the German Glitter Glass from Meyer Imports which I won in a blog candy draw arrived from America. I have taken pictures but they simply do not capture the bedazzling colours adequately.

The colours are, from the top, Red, Copper, Gold, Pale Yellow-green, Pale Blue, Violet, Black, White and Silver and they are sumptuous. I thought I would have to pat down Sian when she left because she loved them in their cunning wee bottles. I did offer to give them to her but she does not craft and said it was better that I kept them to use!

Huge thanks to Jon Meyer; I have a link to his blog and to a UK distributor of the product in my sidebar - not that I am doing this for gain but because I was so thrilled to have been chosen to receive this gorgeous gift.

While this gift came all the way from the USA in time for Christmas Day, I still await a present for Morgan which was apparently dispatched from Bradford on 30th November and is in a 'backlog', also apparently. I have never had problems with Internet shopping until this incident and had to buy an alternative gift. I wonder how long the backlog is expected to be - if it arrives before July she can have it for her birthday!

It was disappointing but was only a small glitch in our festivities....... it is so quiet now that they have all gone back to their homes. Our children are loaned to us for such a small period of time and I am so proud of the two wonderful young women they have become but sometimes I have a sentimental wish that they were the little girls they once were, just for a wee while! I am getting all mushy because 'Mary Poppins' is on in the background and 'Feed the Birds' is being sung. I used to sing this for my sisters when we were young and I sang it to my two when they were small so it always puts me in a reminiscent frame of mind!

With tears dripping on the keyboard and the sound of Julie Andrews, I will say cheerio for now.

Hazel x

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  1. Hi Hazel, got to agree with you, would love my two to be small again although it may be that you only really enjoy those days in retrospect :) I think then I worried too much about how clean the house was and played too little with my children! Your comment regarding my early memories of Hogmanay reminded me of black bun - never see it in the shops now, doesn't anybody eat it anymore - and the piper - how was it that there was one in every street. I also remember my younger brother (aged about 9) getting very, very drunk after drinking all dregs from the glasses left around on the table New Year's morning when the visitors had all gone home and Mum and Dad grabbing a bit of sleep. Wishing you and yours all health and happiness for the New Year when it comes. Elizabeth x