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Hazel - Girl Spy
Hazel - Girl Spy

Monday, 22 November 2010

Guilty of Hubris

May I explain? Yesterday I replied to an email from my friend Bernadette and told her that I would post my new card makes on my blog as it always worked compared to the lack of success I was having uploading to my Do-craft gallery. Naturally, I was not able to; the Internet link crashed for the umpteenth time and I could not even post the blog. Granted, it could have worked later on but I am getting too frustrated with the whole technology black hole in my life so went to Carole's Crafts for a reviving mooch and to buy the latest Creative Cardmaking. Oil on troubled waters right enough and it set me up for a long and relaxing natter with Bernadette on our first phone call to each other. We met through Do-crafts and for me it was like finding someone who I knew already and who knew me. We chatted for ages and Mr H says there must be dozens of three-legged donkeys round here as I can talk the hind leg off a donkey and yesterday was a marathon. Why do men disparage womens chat when it is the fuel on which society feeds? It is how wisdom and folklore pass on and so much more - if it was left to men, it would be all monosyllabic grunts and no emotion!
So much for the philosophy, I am going to try to upload the star cards:

This is a card I made for my daughter Morgan whose favourite colour is pink. I love the star card shape which Bernadette sent me - can you tell? One tip; mixing diamond and red Stickles may make it look pink when wet but it dries red and diamond so I did not achieve the look I was after!

Same shape, different Tilda's and colours and very therapeutic to make.

This next one is for my great nephew Niven and I used an idea in a craft mag which I can't just lay my hands on. It is Mr H's favourite in this batch and uses patchwork, acetate panels, faux stitching and decoupage.

The acetate is embossed before sticking over the aperture and there is paper on the inside of the card showing through. The Santa decoupage is from Jolly Nation with some gold Stickles on the belt buckle.

I have been messing about with different folds but not entirely sure of the results. I will post pics soon and you can reach your own conclusions. Maybe I am too slavish when it comes to trying new things but I like the effort if not the results!

Mr H and I are off to see the new Harry Potter film today; Mr H has worked out the optimum time to avoid noisy kids and therefore whispering and rustling! He can't hear me shouting to him that his tea is ready but rustling and chomping in the pictures drives him mad. I'm looking forward to the film but not the 3 hour sit which will involve a quick dash to the loo at some point, I'm sure, and I'll miss Voldemort doing something dastardly which will be the best bit in the film! Ho hum.

Review to follow; cheerio for the present. Hazel x 

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  1. Hi Hazel

    "monosyllabic grunts and no emotion" that's exactly why I craft with dogs and talk to animals and last time I checked the horses still had four legs each.

    Liking the shape of those cards and I am drawn to the patchwork effect one, something about symmetry that always pleases me.

    B x