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Hazel - Girl Spy
Hazel - Girl Spy

Tuesday, 23 November 2010


For those who want to know, me and Mr H loved Harry P & the Deadly Hallows. My sister reckons it is unseemly for a woman of my advanced years to like what she sees as a children's book (which she hasn't read) so I am not going to say more.

It has been a bit of a tiring day has our little outing to seek a dog to take the place of Miles. And sad; there are so many dogs that need a home and it seems horrid to choose one over another when they stand at the wire and look beseechingly at you. I had tears.... it was cold.....windchill....I wanted to take them home, okay! Call me marshmallow.

Morag could not choose either and so we broke for lunch at Bents Garden Centre - huge queues but lovely butties; I had soup and all I could taste was celery - in leek and potato soup! Mum and Morag had smoked salmon and prawns on onion foccacio - was I green with it; actually as green as my soup! There are just some flavours that overpower my palate, celery is one and coriander (fresh) is another and I normally don't add them to my cooking. I am making too much over a bowl of soup so I am stopping now!

After lunch we went to a second rescue centre and Morag could not decide. She felt apologetic for dragging us along but we were happy to be with her despite being knackered. After I had dropped them off at their respective homes, I treated myself to a Martha Stewart punch at Crafts 4 U 2 Do and have elicited a promise from them to show me a cricut cutting machine when I next pop by - and they have got plans to set up a crafting club & asked would I be interested. How good was that?

No pictures today; I am in the middle of making a card  for a challenge on Do-crafts which I am hosting. I will post it up here when I finish it.

Cheerio for the present, Hazel xx

(This is the dog I would want if Mr H wasn't such a grouchy gizzard; ain't it cute?)

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