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Hazel - Girl Spy
Hazel - Girl Spy

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

One thought leads to another!

Unfortunately I spent too much time in blog land yesterday to make a card. I kept trying to download the digital stamps for 'Help for Katie' and for what ever reason it just would not happen and so I had to wait till this morning. Then I hopped over to Lily of the Valley stamps to buy one of their new release stamps - I am watching the pennies, well, trying to. There was something up on their site too and my computer was locked in till I cancelled everything. I have just managed to purchase the little fairy, PomPom.

 My sister Morag gave us 'holiday nicknames' when we two went on holiday to Ganavan in our wee caravan with her son & his friend. My nickname was 'PomPom' and hers was 'Lulu' and we kept the boys amused with stories of how PomPom and Lulu tried to lure sailors/fishermen over by dressing in floaty negligees and wellies. You had to be there!

Especially when, in real life, PomPom tumbled down the slope from the laundry room with the laundry, (it was dark and I tripped,) and was picked up and brushed down by a group of fishermen who then collected her dainties (I could have called them smalls but they're not and they're not dainty either) with ribald comments. I was so glad it was dark but they also offered me beer, tea , sandwiches and fags and were very nice to the strange woman who somersaulted into their midst and groaned just getting to her feet and when her undies were recovered. (The camp site had a special bunk house for blokes out on a fishing spree to the Firth of Lorne) It didn't help next day when one of them shouted out 'Did you get all your knickers then, hen?'; the boys were prostrate with laughter and PomPom has the reputation of going without her drawers!

This picture is of the little beach at Ganavan when the old campsite was gone and the cabins which had gone up in its place were being torn down to make way for holiday homes in 2008. I took this picture in the rain and then slipped on the wet grass. The seagulls must have thought the woman laughing was bonkers! If you can make out the concrete structure well, we used to pitch the caravan quite close to it and very near to the sea with the van pointing downslope so we could just move the curtains in the morning and see if the sea was behaving! We considered ourselves blessed to be in such a lovely spot with views to Mull across the Firth.

 Having digressed considerably I would like to tell you that Jacques is having a blog candy giveaway in celebration of the LOTV new releases and you can access her blog here.

I may have a card soon but then again....... cheerio, Hazel x


  1. Hi Hazel, you seem to be kinda slip prone around that camping site. (Your not going to believe this but as I'm typing I've got notification of your PM to me so will hop over and read it soon.) Love the photo of the beach - it looks just so peaceful there. We are off to a site at Wales in June. That freezing up of the pc is something that happens to me sometimes and it is so exasperating don't you find to have to shut down and start again :(
    Hugs, Elizabeth x

  2. I remember fondly Ganavan before Easter, when my son was small around 1980s, we had fabulous weather, 17C (yes that's hot for Scotland). When we came home it snowed and he was then making a snowman! Crazy.