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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Still in Creative Limbo

Seriously, when I think back only a few weeks, I couldn't stop crafting and now it's as if I can't summon up the creative energy. I even went to Crafts 4 U 2 do, my local craft store and lifesaver and resorted to some Kanban toppers and shiny, swirly card just to give myself a boot up the not-inconsiderable backside. Oh, I made three cards but somehow it felt like cheating.

This card I made for my daughter Morgan and her fiance Mark. Decoupaged ski-ing teddy bears on Kanban card. Also added an insert inside since the embossed card is no good to write on. Just a simple card really - just to encourage me!
I made this card for Mr H just in case you think I love someone else! The third card is for someone who reads my blog so I am not going to spoil the occasion by uploading it.

And that was all she wrote! I got a nice wee freebie today from a giveaway from Practical Publishing International whose crafting mags I love. The contents are really to encourage children to craft so I will pass them to my great-nephew Niven along with some glue; my niece will be pleased!

I went out with Mum on Monday and did a bit of what my daughter calls "shit-shopping" in the pound shops which are so beloved of my aged parent. I have been asked to take a picture of one of the purchases that both me and Mum bought as a giggle and so here it is in all its splendour!

Yes, I have to cough to it, I bought a festive loo seat cover and took a photo so that Bernadette could have a laugh! I wish I'd cleaned up the bathroom before I snapped the seat cover but if we can't give enjoyment to our fellows then we have failed! This is a prime example of why Morgan calls it "shit-shopping" - you get home, unpack and go "Sh*t, why did I buy that?" Mum and I laughed so much when we saw them and it was only a quid! Actually, that is probably the whole ethos of pound shop shopping for me, things that make me laugh and amuse or appall others. My Grandad Niven used to take us to the joke shop down the Grassmarket when we were kids and he loved to encourage us to get joke items to play on Granny - things like plastic flies and fake poop - and I think that's where we get it from. Cheap, cheerful, funny and entertaining - my grandad would have loved pound shops! My husband was appalled and thinks I've gone daft, wasting a pound on a stupid gag! However you can also get some crafting items in pound shops so I can go in for serious bargains too.

Bernadette will remember that she sent me some crafty bits and told me that she'd got them from the Euro shop. I was so impressed - a shop where things are imported from Europe! When I told Mr H he howled with laughter and could barely stop long enough to tell me she'd been to their equivalent of the pound shop(she lives in Dublin) but I still feel that my version is best and if I ever go to Dublin I will make a point of going to the euro shops!

As you can tell Mr H is my anchor to the real world and sometimes a bucket of cold water! I couldn't do without him really.

I'm away to clean the bathroom and then make soup for lunch so cheerio for now,

Hazel xx


  1. Gorgeous cards Hazel.Sorry I've not been by in a while. I'l be back this evening to catch up with your blog. Just getting ready for work. How sad is it that the pull from the internet is so strong. I am truly an addict!!

    Speak soon, and I'l take a proper look at these cards!


    Kimmi xx

  2. Lovley cards - I really like the Kanban paper and the insert is always a good idea,(you know me, love to decorate inside and back too), especially with paper that would be difficult to write on. Elizabeth x