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Hazel - Girl Spy
Hazel - Girl Spy

Friday, 28 January 2011

Hubris and why you should avoid it.

It's a late post and not much to see, except an entry for a challenge which I pulled but I have to vent, at myself. Why did I have to say that everything was rosy in the last post - hubris, and I should be more careful!

 First of all the car Mr H decided upon was sold by the time he contacted the garage to accept their offer and then my cooker was finally delivered only to be snatched back again. I kid you not - four weeks after it was supposed to be here, they knocked on my door this morning at 7.30. Since I had been assured that I would receive a courtesy call from the driver, half an hour before the delivery, I thought I was safe. (no such call was undertaken!). I was in the bathroom just deciding to take my shower & had to re-dress  rather hastily - Mr H was still asleep. I showed them into the kitchen, looking like naebody's bairn in my bare feet, and the lead man just shook his head and said "Sorry, love, we can't fit it, against regs".  Apparently my fitted kitchen with wall cupboards only 2" away from my cooker with its eye-level grill prevent me from having a replacement  cooker of the same type - there needs to be a 6" gap now. I either dismantled the kitchen or had to forgo the cooker - yeh, right.

 I felt like screaming but I didn't.  I bid them farewell, had breakfast etc and took their docket and with Mr H in tow, went to Curry's to get a replacement cooker with a grill in the middle. Went through the obligatory palaver and went to look at the more suitable cookers and spotted that one which we had originally ordered had been reduced by £80. No -one had even hinted at this in my numerous conversations with Currys - oh yes, it was all about  making a saving before the VAT rise - no blooming mention of a swingeing reduction in price in the New Year. I  chose a cooker with as good grace as I could muster (not much!) and was told it would be delivered next Thursday - I just burst out laughing and had to exit the shop and leave Mr H to seal the deal before I became manic.

Still, we had a lovely meal at Fir Tree Farm, my mum and me, and the sun has been shining all day. This always means that the Seasons Cafe is buzzing with customers but we were able to get a table and excellent food. Part of the experience, for my mum particulary, is to get some treats for the weekend and it's always nice when new stock has been delivered. They had some venison in the shop and on the menu but I chickened out and bought sausages instead - just fancy Toad-in-the-Hole with onion gravy!

Mr H is also very suspicious of anything new I try to introduce - you should have seen his face when I brought home ostrich meat from the Farmers Market - if they can't grow it or raise it in Yorkshire he doesn't want to know. Try as I might, he would not be persuaded that the ostrich was farmed locally. In his mind the meat had come from the African savannah and he was having none- and he was unanimous! I have to admit I found it very strong and gamey but not awful., there was just too much for one person!

This is a card which I ended up not submitting for the weekly challenge on Docrafts. I desperately wanted to use the Kokeshi digis I got from Sylviestamps and stitchystamps to complete the sketch which was this weeks brief.. However I just could not get on with this card once I had finished; it's too busy and the papers just don't do it. I had to reduce the size of the digis and found colouring and shading difficult. I spent a lot of time on it too but at least I have learned that you don't always have to get it right and can just try again.

Ranting and then philosophy, where will it end? Well, now, really because tea is  nearly ready. I'll say cheerio then, Hazel x

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  1. oooohhhh Hazel I love the mix of images and papers, really is an oriental feel to your lush card...sorry to hear about the car
    Mina xxx